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Capital Project Detail Sheet

2.042.000: Indian River Rd/Providence Rd Intersection Improv.

Description and Scope
CIP Section:   Roadways
CIP Status:   Completed - In Use Active
Project Type:   New Facility Construction/Expansion
First Year in CIP:   2013-2014
Business Area:  
City District(s):   Centerville, Kempsville

This project will provide for the design and installation of a new signal and left-turn lane at Indian River Road and Level Green Boulevard (East), along with signal removal and a median closure at Indian River Road and Level Green Boulevard (West). Also included will be the upgrade of the signal equipment at Indian River Road and Providence Road intersection and the Indian River Road and Sunnyside Drive intersection, as well as the relocation of the Indian River Road median between these two intersections in order to establish standard, dual, left-turn lanes.
This project includes the relocation of the signal from Indian River & Level Green (West) to Indian River & Level Green (East), a new left-turn lane at Level Green (East), closing the median opening at Level Green (West) as well as upgrading the signals at Indian River & Providence and Indian River & Sunnyside. This project also includes the elimination of the outer, Indian River, southeast-bound, "drop-lane" between Sunnyside and Providence.

Points of Contact
Contact TypeCompanyContact PersonPhone
Project Manager   Public Works  Annette B Hare P.E. (757)-385-4131
Department Contact   Public Works  Robin A Brandeburg (757)-385-4131

Schedule of Activities
CodeDescription Approved Budget StartApproved Budget EndApproved Budget Cost Current Estimates StartCurrent Estimates EndCurrent Estimates Cost
2000 Design 03/01/2014 03/01/2015 206,000 03/03/2014 06/01/2017 290,000
3000 Site Acquisition 01/01/2015 07/01/2015 50,000 07/01/2015 07/03/2017 130,000
4000 Private Utility Adjustments 04/01/2015 07/01/2015 226,500 01/01/2018 02/02/2018 5,000
5000 Construction 07/01/2015 03/01/2016 1,132,000 07/02/2018 03/29/2019 2,000,000
6000 Street Lights 01/01/2016 04/30/2016 105,000
7000 Landscaping 03/01/2016 05/31/2016 65,000 02/01/2019 03/03/2019 10,000
9000 Contingencies 07/01/2013 05/31/2016 267,700 03/03/2014 04/01/2019 150,000
OverallProject Start, End & Cost:07/01/201305/31/20162,052,20003/03/201404/01/20192,585,000

Map for Indian River Rd/Providence Rd Intersection Improv.
Current Status and Progress
Waiting for VSMP approval of project documents.
Last updated: 04/06/2018 01:55:23 PM

Project Sketch   (355.28 KB pdf)
Public Notice   (142.36 KB pdf)

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