City of Virginia Beach, VA
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Capital Project Detail Sheet

2.118.000: Shore Drive Corridor Improvements-Phase IV

Description and Scope
CIP Section:   Roadways
CIP Status:   Approved Active
Project Type:   New Facility Construction/Expansion
First Year in CIP:  
Business Area:  
City District(s):   Bayside

This project begins at the Marlin Bay Drive/Sandy Oaks Drive intersection and ends at the west end of the Lesner Bridge. This project will improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow and safety in the roadway and intersections; improve storm drainage; include a multi-use trail, 5-ft sidewalk and on-street bike lanes; and enhance the corridor with aesthetic elements such as landscaping and lighting. It will include improvements at the East Stratford Road intersection.

Points of Contact
Contact TypeCompanyContact PersonPhone
Project Manager¬†¬† Public Works  William M. Purcell (757)-385-4131

Schedule of Activities
CodeDescription|Approved Budget StartApproved Budget EndApproved Budget Cost|Current Estimates StartCurrent Estimates EndCurrent Estimates Cost
2000 Design 07/01/2010 03/31/2022 1,300,500 07/01/2010 01/01/2026 1,300,500
3000 Site Acquisition 03/01/2022 03/31/2023 1,343,156 01/01/2025 05/01/2026 1,343,156
4000 Private Utility Adjustments 03/02/2023 03/31/2024 954,626 06/01/2026 06/01/2027 954,626
5000 Construction 03/01/2024 03/31/2027 9,546,265 01/01/2028 01/01/2031 10,248,727
6000 Street Lights 03/01/2027 06/30/2027 631,745 05/01/2029 08/01/2029 631,745
7000 Landscaping 06/30/2027 09/30/2027 70,717 09/01/2029 12/01/2029 70,717
9000 Contingencies 07/01/2010 09/30/2027 1,696,886 07/01/2010 01/01/2031 1,696,886
OverallProject Start, End & Cost:07/01/201009/30/202715,543,89507/01/201001/01/203116,246,357

Map for Shore Drive Corridor Improvements-Phase IV
Current Status and Progress
Design in progress (resumed in Fall 2020). The existing inadequate stormwater system in the project corridor is currently being evaluated for potential upgrades. Hydraulic analysis of the stormwater conveyance systems downstream from the Shore Drive Phase 4 project limits will be performed concurrently under a separate contract. The Ocean Park Neighborhood Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP) will provide the point of adequacy analysis required for Shore Drive Phase 4 and identify the additional downstream stormwater improvements required to meet the project-specific stormwater design criteria. The proposed improvements are also being modeled to account for increased rainfall and sea level rise.
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