City of Virginia Beach, VA
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Capital Project Detail Sheet

9.091.000: Burton Station Road Improvements III

Description and Scope
CIP Section:   Economic and Tourism Development
CIP Status:   Approved Active
Project Type:   New Facility Construction/Expansion
First Year in CIP:  
Business Area:  
City District(s):   Bayside

This project provides funding for design and construction of a new street with utilities, lighting, landscaping, sidewalks and drainage within an existing neighborhood where public sanitary sewer and water service and drainage are not currently available. The alignment will provide an area for commercial and residential development. Phase III-B includes approximately 1,300 linear feet of Tolliver Road from where Burton Station Phase III-A ends at the railroad right-of-way and approximately 1,450 linear feet of Air Rail Avenue to be reconstructed in coordination with the utility work needed to provide sanitary sewer service due to relocating an existing pump station. The existing sanitary sewage pump station on Air Rail Avenue requires replacement due to its age and projected sewage flows from the expanded service area.

Points of Contact
Contact TypeCompanyContact PersonPhone
Project Manager   Public Works  Dustin Kwok (757)-385-4131
Department Contact   Public Utilities  Scott A Graver (757)-385-4631
Department Contact   Public Works  David Perry (757)-385-4131
Department Contact   Public Works  Jessica L Blackburn P.E. (757)-385-4131

Schedule of Activities
CodeDescription Approved Budget StartApproved Budget EndApproved Budget Cost Current Estimates StartCurrent Estimates EndCurrent Estimates Cost
2000 Design 06/01/2012 12/30/2019 1,500,000 06/01/2012 06/30/2020 1,500,000
3000 Site Acquisition 04/01/2019 12/30/2019 2,400,000 04/01/2020 12/31/2020 2,400,000
5000 Construction 03/30/2020 09/30/2021 4,921,420 03/01/2021 08/29/2022 4,921,420
6000 Street Lights 06/30/2021 09/30/2021 115,000 07/01/2022 08/29/2022 115,000
7000 Landscaping 06/01/2021 09/30/2021 190,000 07/01/2022 08/29/2022 190,000
9000 Contingencies 06/01/2012 09/30/2021 1,014,045 06/01/2012 08/29/2022 1,014,045
OverallProject Start, End & Cost:06/01/201209/30/202110,140,46506/01/201208/29/202210,140,465

Current Status and Progress
Phase III has been broken into two parts; Phase IIIA and Phase IIIB. Phase IIIA limits are Tolliver Road from Phase I to the railroad tracks. Phase IIIB is the remainder of the project and is currently on hold. Phase I and Phase IIIA will be combined and constructed together under CIP 9-022. Design for Phase IIIB will resume Fall 2019
Last updated: 10/15/2019 01:19:49 PM


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