City of Virginia Beach, VA
Public Works
Capital Project Detail Sheet

9.020.018: 18th Street Improvements

Description and Scope
CIP Section:   Economic and Tourism Development
CIP Status:   Active
Project Type:   Rehabilitation/Replacement
First Year in CIP:  
Business Area:  
City District(s):   Beach

This project provides essential connectivity and improved aesthetics for the ViBe District through phased street infrastructure improvements ranging from new sidewalks, LED lighting, bicycle facilities, on-street parking, street trees, crosswalks, accessibility upgrades and associated storm water, utility, and traffic improvements.

Points of Contact
Contact TypeCompanyContact PersonPhone
Project Manager   Public Works  Denis U. Ozowara (757)-385-4131
Department Contact   Public Works  Michael _ Tippin P.E. (757)-385-4131

Schedule of Activities
CodeDescription Approved Budget StartApproved Budget EndApproved Budget Cost Current Estimates StartCurrent Estimates EndCurrent Estimates Cost
2000 Design 07/01/2016 07/01/2021 700,000
3000 Site Acquisition 05/01/2019 02/01/2021 401,000
4000 Private Utility Adjustments 10/01/2021 01/01/2023 401,000
5000 Construction 10/01/2021 01/01/2023 5,153,597
6000 Street Lights 10/01/2022 01/01/2023 493,000
7000 Landscaping 10/01/2022 01/01/2023 916,000
9000 Contingencies 07/01/2016 01/01/2023 950,000
OverallProject Start, End & Cost:  07/01/201601/01/20239,014,597

Map for 18th Street Improvements
Current Status and Progress
The City is reviewing / confirming the FINAL design submittal and completing the acquisition of necessary easements. Anticipate starting construction June 2020.
Last updated: 09/17/2019 08:30:23 AM


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